1.25.13 Bookmarks: Weekly Buzz From Around the Web

RaeganBoardGame1. There’s a deep freeze in most of the country, making it a perfect time to cozy up with a board game. The folks over at Flavorwire reveal “10 Literary Board Games for Book Nerds.” We call first dibs on Mr.Darcy in the “Pride and Prejudice” game!

2. This week marked the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. So what better time than now to think about all the words and phrases that presidents have coined over the years. Our friends at USA Today take a peek inside Paul Dickson’s book “Words From the White House.

3. Big book to TV news this week! “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver and “The Selection” by Kiera Cass have been picked up for TV pilots. We can’t wait to see these YA love stories brought to life!

4. And while we’re looking forward to those YA adaptations, we can’t help but agree with EW that “American Vampire” and these six other books would also make awesome TV shows.

5. Let’s say you’re reading along in a book and you come across the name “Kane,” don’t you just immediately assume he’s the bad guy? Check out io9’s takedown of common character names that should be banned forever.

6. Do you know what the “The Breakfast Club,” “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Superman” have in common? Thanks to the clever folks over at Book Riot we know that they all have scenes that take place in a library! Take a look at other famous library scenes in film including our personal favorite, “Ghostbusters!”

7. Sure, you may think you know Virginia Woolf’sMrs. Dalloway,” but do you know it in cat meme form? The Tumblr gods grant upon you “the feline interpretation of great(er) works of literature.”

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