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Anne Enright on Writing, TV, and Her “Very Private Breakdown”

Booker Prize winner Anne Enright returns this month with The Forgotten Waltz, a wry novel of passion and infidelity. She came all the way from Ireland to Bookish HQ and gave us insights about working in television, writing fiction, and … Continue reading

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Jeopardy! Champ Ken Jennings Recommends Books for the Wannabe Know-it-all

Remember: Now that we’ve launched, this blog is not updated with all of our content! Subscribe to our RSS feed for all articles, or visit us at for recommendations and articles every day. Game show hero Ken Jennings has a cartography obsession and … Continue reading

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Thus Spake Yehuda – The SproutCore MeetUp Homegame

On Sep 20, Bookish hosted the third SproutCore meet up in New York. We were lucky enough to have Yehuda Katz, core contributor to SproutCore, jQuery, and Ruby on Rails, here to chat about his experience in driving SproutCore towards … Continue reading

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SproutCore Fun at Bookish HQ

Last night was a MeetUp double-whammy in the Bookishverse. After much shuffling of desks, chairs, and people, everything turned out great. While the word nerds decamped for General Assembly to talk about dystopic fiction, the dev team held down our … Continue reading

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7 Dispatches from Dystopia

As we prepare for tonight’s Code Meet Print meetup and the accompanying very short story contest, we wanted to share some entries. Here are the seven finalists, each exemplifying 119 characters from our dystopian future: Which is your favorite?

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SproutCore MeetUp at Bookish HQ

While some of us will be getting our book nerd on at Code Meet Print on Tuesday, the tech-ier contingent will be right here at Bookish HQ to talk SproutCore. Yehuda Katz, SproutCore contributor, and core member of the jQuery … Continue reading

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Code Meet Print: Reading, Writing, AND CONTEST-WINNING Online

Heading into a Meetup called “Code Meet Print,” I was worried I’d feel like a code-deaf, dead-tree-toting imposter. I aimed for honesty when I signed up, describing myself as a book nerd trying to learn to be a tech nerd. … Continue reading

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How To Sell A Book: #YAWednesday Edition

It’s #YAWednesday, a hashtag holiday we instituted to celebrate teen books and authors and the kids and grown ups who love them. Below is a brief conversation that took place yesterday and today on twitter. It’s a fairly common exchange … Continue reading

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If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Bought a Book For It…

(Sorry.) Our children’s books editor is also our pop culture junkie, so she decided to pick out a few gifts for Baby Z. Enjoy! Bookish Recommendations for Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Baby from Bookish on Vimeo.

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Dispatch From The Edinburgh International Book Festival

Yesterday was the last day of The Edinburgh International Book Festival, a 27-year-old event that claims to be “the largest and most dynamic festival of its kind in the world.” Our own Rowena Yow was there (and the rest of … Continue reading

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