Bookish and Springpad

Here at Bookish, we’re dedicated to connecting readers with great books, which is why partnering with our friends at Springpad was an obvious decision.

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Springpad is a personal assistant app that helps more than 4.5 million users organize and manage the ideas, information, projects and recommendations they encounter daily. Books are especially popular with Springpad’s users, with more than 1.5 million saved to date. Now, Bookish hopes to help Springpad users discover more great reads by adding notebooks to their platform featuring our expert-curated Essentials Lists, interviews, and articles. As we continue to add new notebooks, Springpad users can discover new reads and share, like, and follow our book pages.

With the arrival of Springpad’s new CEO, Jacqueline Hampton, we look forward to deepening our collaboration with Springpad to create an even better book discovery experience for readers on Bookish and Springpad.

If you’re a Springpad user, follow us at BookishHQ and check out some of our featured notebooks.

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