November Book Club: We’re Reading ‘Parasite’ by Mira Grant

Parasite by Mira Grant

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Holiday Gifts for Readers Who Love Dystopian YA

Gift Guide Header_Revision 1

Thanks to the popularity of “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent,” it seems like a new dystopian young adult novel comes out every day. With so many options, how do you find the perfect holiday gift? And if your sibling/child/best friend already reads the well-known titles, how can you give them a book that they don’t already have? Author Marie Lu–who concludes her own dystopian trilogy this fall with “Champion“–saves the day with the ultimate dystopian YA gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for beginners who don’t know Katniss and Tris, or veterans who’ve seemingly read it all, this list has a gift for every reader.

Click here to shop the list, and watch Bookish for our ultimate holiday gift guide, coming soon!

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Bookish Celebrates the Launch of ‘Hollywood Said No!’

Tuesday night we joined “Mr. Show” fans and New York City book lovers at the powerHouse Arena in Dumbo to celebrate the launch of “Hollywood Said No!“. Sitting in the front row, we were overjoyed by the writers’ hilarious performance. David Cross, Bob Odenkirk and Brian Posehn led an animated reading of never-before-seen scripts. They shared a few behind-the-scenes tidbits with us, like why they created the book (the scripts are too funny to just sit in a drawer forever) and how they came up with the “Hello, I’m Bob” and “Oh, hi, I’m David” introductions they used in every episode (Odenkirk’s manager, the legendary Bernie Brillstein, said they needed to give people a moment of reality to lead in to the show).

After taking their bows, the trio signed books for the sold-out crowd!

Hollywood Said No!

Hollywood Said No!” is also featured in Bookish’s Best Fall Audio Preview, which includes many samples of our favorite fall audio books. Let David Cross and company entertain you with the clip below–we couldn’t help but laugh aloud ourselves!

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Exciting new features on Bookish!

If you’ve logged in to the Bookish homepage this week, you may have noticed something different.  We’ve made some changes that should improve your experience – read on for an update of what’s new in the world of Bookish.

We have added personalized recommendations to your homepage, which means finding your next book is now easier than ever.

Now, every time you go to, your homepage will display recommendations based on books you’ve already added to your shelves. Every time you hit refresh, we’ll show you a new recommendation. Here’s an example of a personalized recommendation I just saw on my homepage (I recently read Life After Life and am now totally a Kate Atkinson fan):

You can get new recommendations each time you visit too, by adding books to your shelves that you’re interested in.

We can also now make recommendations based on more books than ever – recently, we added nearly 100,000 new titles to our recommendation universe, bringing our total to over 380,000, including summer hits like And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini and Joyland by Stephen King.

One more change that’s brand-new: you can now search for recommendations based on your favorite author, as well as by book title! No more trying to remember exactly how that title was spelled (…did it start with “The” or “A?”). Now, you can just type the author’s name in and we’ll show some suggested books, like this:

We want to hear from you! Comment below – tell us what new features you’d like to see from Bookish, or which ones you’re really finding useful now. How can we keep helping you discover books you’ll love?


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8 Reasons to Start a Book Club

1. Reading makes you smarter. No matter what book your book club decides to read, spending a few hours each week immersed in a book will do your mind some good.

2. Book discussion can be therapeutic. Delving deep into complicated characters and twisty storylines gives you an opportunity to contemplate your own challenges and demons.

3. It’s cheap fun. Ebooks, used bookstores and libraries have made it easier to find virtually any title at a low cost or no cost at all.

4. Become more interesting. A passion for books is appealing to the opposite sex, and it will surely give you something to chat about on any first date.

 5. Food and drinks are encouraged.  Book discussions can be easily paired with a meal at your favorite restaurant or with a six-pack of your favorite microbrew.

6. Your employer will be impressed. Whether you add this activity to your Linkedin profile or chat about your latest book club read at the watercooler, your boss will surely admire your bookish ways.

 7. You’ll grow your cultural cred. From the classics and contemporary favorites, your growing knowledge of everything from Proust to John Green will wow friends.

8. Reading fiction can make you more empathetic. According to this 2009 study, readers exposed to works of fiction demonstrated stronger empathetic abilities.

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Bookish and Springpad

Here at Bookish, we’re dedicated to connecting readers with great books, which is why partnering with our friends at Springpad was an obvious decision.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.05.50 PM

Springpad is a personal assistant app that helps more than 4.5 million users organize and manage the ideas, information, projects and recommendations they encounter daily. Books are especially popular with Springpad’s users, with more than 1.5 million saved to date. Now, Bookish hopes to help Springpad users discover more great reads by adding notebooks to their platform featuring our expert-curated Essentials Lists, interviews, and articles. As we continue to add new notebooks, Springpad users can discover new reads and share, like, and follow our book pages.

With the arrival of Springpad’s new CEO, Jacqueline Hampton, we look forward to deepening our collaboration with Springpad to create an even better book discovery experience for readers on Bookish and Springpad.

If you’re a Springpad user, follow us at BookishHQ and check out some of our featured notebooks.

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Bookish Book Club: our first meeting!

Around Bookish HQ, we talk about books all day long, but we never really sit down and talk about books, you know? So we thought it would be fun to have an office book club.

Today was our first meeting, and we read Paper Towns by John Green. He’s long been a favorite of many of our staff and he’s been toward the top of the list of our users’ most-“liked” authors since we launched, so we thought it would be the perfect choice to get a discussion going.

Over sandwiches and salads, we talked about this story of Quentin (or “Q”) and his long-simmering love/admiration for the literal girl next door, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Is she a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, or is the point that she is a most certainly not one? Was his quest to find her believable? Who did we sympathize with (Radar and Ben should get their own sequels)? Aren’t “paper towns”/copyright traps the most fascinating thing? Was this really a mystery (it won the 2009 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Fiction)?

As in all good book club discussions, there was a lot of “Ohmigod I thought that too!” and “Oh, I felt the total opposite.” We discussed what makes a good book club book – moral ambiguity? Compelling and sympathetic characters? Strong plotting? All three, plus more?

We’ll meet again next month, but if you’d like to keep the conversation about Paper Towns going with us, add your comments/questions below! And if you’re new to John Green, read our author spotlight and let us know which one you’ll pick up first.

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First Chapter Previews now live on USA Today

Excerpts powered by Bookish

Excerpts powered by Bookish

As part of Bookish’s ongoing partnership with USA Today and continued efforts to support book discovery, we are excited to share the news that our preview reader is now live on‘s Best Selling Books list:

Now, not only will you be able to consume Bookish articles and lists syndicated in the web pages of, you’ll also be able to read excerpts of many of the top-selling books using Bookish’s technology.  We hope you take the time to dive directly into a book and judge it by more than just its cover!*

If you have feedback, or your company is interested in integrating this preview tool on your site, please let us know by emailing

*The famous quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was first stated by George Eliot in “The Mill on the Floss” Read a sample here.

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Poll: What do you like most about audiobooks?

We’ve been getting more into listening to Acoustik downloadable audiobooks (available on – we rounded some of our favorites up here). What do you like most about audiobooks?

online poll by Opinion Stage

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Other Pseudonymous J.K. Rowling Books We’re Watching Out For

Remember: Now that we’ve launched, this blog is not updated with all of our content! Subscribe to our RSS feed for all articles, or visit us at for recommendations and articles every day.




The biggest book bombshell of the summer so far has been J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” children’s series and the literary novel “The Casual Vacancy,” getting outed as the authorof the crime novel “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. In the wake of the news, the previously under-the-radar book rocketed to the top of bestseller lists. Rowling has since written on her website, “I hoped to keep this secret a little longer, because being Robert Galbraith has been such a liberating experience! It has been wonderful to publish without hype or expectation and pure pleasure to get feedback from publishers and readers under a different name.” Now that the word is out, Rowling is sure to miss the pleasures of anonymity–but we wouldn’t be surprised if she were secretly working on a few more books under pseudonyms and trying her hand at writing in these other genres.

Read the rest here.

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