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Bookish Book Club: our first meeting!

Around Bookish HQ, we talk about books all day long, but we never really sit down and┬átalk about books, you know? So we thought it would be fun to have an office book club. Today was our first meeting, and … Continue reading

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How To Sell A Book: #YAWednesday Edition

It’s #YAWednesday, a hashtag holiday we instituted to celebrate teen books and authors and the kids and grown ups who love them. Below is a brief conversation that took place yesterday and today on twitter. It’s a fairly common exchange … Continue reading

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Happy #YAWednesday!

Today is the second official YA Wednesday, an international holiday celebrated across the twitterverse in praise of young adult books and the teens and grown-ups who love them. Here at Bookish HQ, editor Margaret Bristol and I come into work … Continue reading

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